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"The one who he fell in love with is you"
What love… I haven’t heard he likes me yet
Wait. If he really likes you, he’ll definitely say it”
Really… I hope he does that...”

Hara x SeungYeon / HaYeon moments [05/500]
 `08 Rock U era Same day as K.S. Interview.

 SeungYeon trying to runaway from doing aegyo, but Hara gets a hold of her. :)

So, there’s no confirmation about last night’s “information” by allkpop… lol

Honestly [& as if allkpop is telling the “truth”]

[ofc I’m waiting DSP’s official statement & etc]

But if it’s a program only to show KARA’s new formation & image plus the new members’ talents… It’d be a great [&probably popular] tv show. It’s actually a good marketing [it’s even hard to believe that something like this would come out from DSP’s insiders lol]… but omg, it’ll be pretty hard… I really want DSP to keep the three remaining members as a trio… [even tho kara’s songs are hard to sing only with three members]

Let’s try to be positive & let’s support our puretty garls no matter what… Brace yourself, Kamilia.

[and let’s wait for confirmation, pls pls pls]

hammie please…

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Hara x SeungYeon / HaYeon moments [01/500]
 '09 N.Y. Special Show.