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whoa that was real


Amazing Kpop mashups that is definitely worth listening to. 
I hope you guys like them.

Exo / Vixx (Hyde & wolf)

Mblaq / Infinite (Before the dawn & This is War)

2ne1 / Block B (I am the best & Very good)

Exo / Yongguk (Mama & I remember)

SHINee / 2ne1 (fire & Lucifer)

Hyuna / B.A.P (Change & Warrior)

Gdragon / Exo (Two moons & One of a kind)

Big Bang / Beast (Fantastic baby & Breathe)

Beast / Dalmatian (Fiction & E.R)

Exo / Ailee (Heaven & The first show)

that logic

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우리 사이 (Our Relationship)
MBLAQ · Broken
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lee joon abc: jawline

Clap is a MUST