004/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
Miss Idol Korea (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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003/100 goo hara for karaya ♡

"Within one word, she could become sexy, and innocent; and it seemed like there was nothing impossible for her to do, even the funny girl who could make people laugh because of her gag. Now when we are looking back, we see that she was different in every field she does." THIS

002/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
goo hara & pang for petorialist preview
001/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
KARA plans to hold two fanmeetings!


KARA will hold a fanmeeting on May 24th in Korea and a fanmeeting in Japan on June 1st

Kamilia day will be celebrated early this year ;)


Hara x SeungYeon / HaYeon moments [05/500]
 `08 Rock U era Same day as K.S. Interview.

 SeungYeon trying to runaway from doing aegyo, but Hara gets a hold of her. :)