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Play that music

"To my mum and my dad I made a promise: that this will be my last challenge."

Q: If you’ll become a (KARA) member, some might not accept it…

YJ: I think it will hurt. I cry a lot. But I was aware of the possibility, and I will overcome it.

Q: What does “KARA” mean to you?

YJ: My last dream that I must catch.

30th August, 1994

hara / so good live performance♡


Visuals in girl groups


Lol amber and kang in are so cute especially amber look at that smile
A song for you ep7 Kara
Drama fever

It’s ok, Gyuri. I also hate these hugs all of a sudden from people I don’t even know…

What netizens said vs the truth.

"Mamma Mia" 1st win on ShowChampion (14/08/27)


Treat me more highly, when in Rome, do as the Romans do



KARA sexiest part


Hmmmhmmm Jiyoung… I didn’t know you think like that. xD