errday & errnight i kara. i'm slave for this queen & i like this fag a lot, idky. Proud Kamilia & 6th Gun ()

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kara @ kiss the radio

"I want to be a woman who can be loved wherever I go. There are fans that are supporting me when I am on stage, because of their love, I can stand on that stage. And if I did not receive so much love from the staffs, would they pay attention and even take good care of every single hair on my head? That is all because they love me. If I always do my best at everything people give me, I think I can get love from everyone wherever I go. And I will show you how beautiful and amazing it is."
goo hara at tommy hilfiger denim 2014 fall season celebrations

sweet hara ♥

Kara on Kiss The Radio [140912]

masterpost of subbed kara vids in the mamma mia era, updated 140915


thank you to aisme and karatastic for their help! (。´∀`)ノ subbed shows i’m still looking for: 

  • star king
  • sebakwi
  • cultwo show
  • hara on ohmybaby & return of superman/superman’s return

and if you know where to find them, please comment below! i’ll be updating this list periodically as i find more subbed vids/people let me know of where to find subbed vids. ?

always keeping their word

all smiles during the encore dance break! (cr. pharkil