errday & errnight i kara. i'm slave for this queen & i like this fag a lot, idky. Proud Kamilia & 6th Gun ()

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Why am I standing on this road?
 Is this path really destined for me?
   Would my dreams come true at the end of this road?

I wanna say with confidence that this
 path is the right direction I’m heading 
  I do not want to look back, I want no regret 

Just keep walking towards the end.



get to know me meme: k-pop edition

1/5 favorite female groups: KARA

Because I hate to complain and I hate to run away, just live as how life is going~ work hard & be great! KARA and Kamilia are THE BEST, ain’t we? I will always look after Kamilia, I don’t go anywhere else. Please take care of my unnies too and please support my friends too!"