Kang Jiyoung's abc
      → C is for Cute Cow Jiyoung


The last letter | inspired by this post
Kang Jiyoung's abc
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"Today is our 7th anniversary. I feel something very overwhelming. I hope you would be with everyone of us for a long time until we get married haha. And thank you for your huge love you’ve shown to us and me. With all my love..” - Seungyeon (2014/03/29 Instagram)

2007.03.29 ~ 2014.03.29 - kara’s 7th anniversary
always with you, no matter what happens.


Taken from information of our staffs Gláucia (@_hammie) & Haru (@haruluvstar).

1) Gyuri was the SWEETEST person ever. She gave autographs for every Kamilia, took photos with fans & talked a bit with them.

2) She was especially precious with our staff member Glaucia. She told her she remember her and she recognized KARA BRASIL!!! (I’m still crying over this fact) She told the security guard to let Glaucia pass and take a picture with her and she also told her she would keep in touch later. Honestly, this is PRETTY AWESOME. 

3) When they have totally left the airport, Kamilia reunited and screamed “KAMILIA JJANG, KARA JJANG, KAMILIA FIGHTING” in a big group hug. 

Conclusion: GYURI IS REALLY A GODDESS. We’re not accepting anything less than this!

Haru told me she took some pictures, so soon we’ll post them in our site. :)

- Frience

#GyuriInBrazil This is for Kamilia’s around the world understanding.

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so basically

gyuri is following on twitter the kara brazilian fansite that i’m the founder
& she was the first starting the conversation
& she’s talking to us
& two of our staff members will be in the state&city she’ll probably be
& she’s really a goddess, it’s comproved.

I’m trying not to freak out since it started but…