004/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
003/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
002/100 goo hara for karaya ♡
001/100 goo hara for karaya ♡

"Today is our 7th anniversary. I feel something very overwhelming. I hope you would be with everyone of us for a long time until we get married haha. And thank you for your huge love you’ve shown to us and me. With all my love..” - Seungyeon (2014/03/29 Instagram)

2007.03.29 ~ 2014.03.29 - kara’s 7th anniversary
always with you, no matter what happens.

If you can have one, what superpower would you want?
I want to know how people feel. I meant like a mind reader. It seems like I will bother people if I know what they think but I always want to know how the others are feeling. A person who is driving car, or a person who is waiting at a bus station, what are they thinking

hara for estée lauder - coming soon!