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goo hara for harper’s bazaar

20140930 Instagram💤졸립당……..@

20140930 Instagram

TRANS | Oricon Only Star (fragment)

Youngji comes from a family of four with a father, mother and elder sister. And for her, KARA is also like that where Gyuri is the father, Seungyeon is like the mother who is kind and Hara is like the elder sister who is easy to be close to.

trans by @_mxxxx
note: not 100% accurate

troublemaker teaser image two
troublemaker teaser image two


Part 1 of my drawings for Japan Lover Me's  Kakkoii month last December 2013! ♥


step with hara


Kim’s Summer GazettE-Gif-A-Day Challenge

[ 81-88/? ] Uruha about Reita about the Mexico Livehouse